Dye Test

A dye workshop exploring basic dye techniques! This is not a tie dye workshop (I won’t be showing you how to make elaborate spirals on t-shirts), but I will show you how to dye that shirt with the weird stain, or a fun cloth you can use for reusable gift wrapping. There will be some technical aspects to this workshop since we will be using chemical dyes, but once the dyes are mixed, there is a lot of room to experiment. No experience needed.

We will be learning the dye basics of low water immersion dyeing, which is a technique using the minimum amount of water needed to cover an entire garment or piece of fabric. It results in solids that naturally have some textural marks, and opportunities to create all over organic patterns. A lot of this process is out of our control, so part of the fun is seeing the result. The more you do it, the more you’ll be able to understand and influence the outcome. We will be using fiber reactive dyes that work on cellulose fibers (anything plant based like cotton, hemp, or bamboo). 

What is included:

  • All dye supplies (dye chemicals, nitrile gloves, tubs for dyeing, etc.)
  • A scarf OR t-shirt
  • 1 yard of cotton muslin to test dyes

We will learn:

  • Proper procedure and safety for using fiber reactive dyes
  • Color mixing and how to create tests
  • Dyeing a solid color
  • Dyeing multiple colors
  • Intro to mark making and pattern (e.g. simple scrunch dye technique, rubber bands as resist, creating your own technique)

What to bring:

  • A mask, preferably N95 but not required (it’s suggested when working with dye powder)
  • An apron or coverall, or clothes you don’t mind getting dye on
  • Any stained clothing that you’ve been wanting to revive

June 4, 2022 
2 – 5pm at my house in Burien (address provided after sign up)
Sliding scale $90-$125
Venmo @Angel-ST
Limit of 5 students

To sign up, email astateresa@gmail.com

This is a loose approach to intuitive dyeing, rather than being a super technical approach. We will be in my yard or a covered ventilated area if it rains.