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On September 1, 2016, I began this project as a challenge to create 100 pieces every day. This project has evolved over a much longer timeline than I had planned, and as a result it has reached a greater depth.

Initially these pieces served as a public form of self inquiry shared through social media that could connect with others. Halfway through, I realized I was creating even more material by cutting out fully formed letters that could also be assembled into several exercises, so I decided to construct pieces out of the letters I had cut out in the first 50 pieces I made. Even through the process of reduction, something is present. I liked reassembling something I had written in the past into something completely different, and this represented growth upon an idea, dismantling a past idea, and carrying past ideas into the present all at once.

The simultaneous solidity/fluidity of words, the pervasive nature of words, and shortcomings of the English language as a form of communication are all concepts that continue to inspire this work.